A new process 

May 2nd. 2019.

I decided I’m going to start journaling, I was going to say “again” but I don’t think I’ve ever journaled like this before. I miss writing papers about my work and creating new artist statements.. analyzing my process and what my work means to me, as well as what I hope it to mean to others was a huge part of my creative process at my university. My work felt like it had more direction.. more purpose… and my growth and changing ideas seemed more quantifiable.. or tangible because I was writing them down… and had to deliver them orally to my professors and classmates regularly.

Since graduating, my work has changed a lot and so has my process, unfortunately this has a lot to do with the fact that I’m not longer submerged in an artistic community. I don’t share my studio walls with my best friend, in a building full of creatives minds, specializing in ceramics, sculpture, fiber arts, print making, silkscreening, among other things, any more

My passion is the same, stronger perhaps, but its much harder for me to openly express my ideas and feel understood by those around me. There is a lack of conversation, of criticism I should say. I miss being challenged and having new interpretations of my work articulated by colleagues and professors. I’m hoping by documenting my process, ideas and putting them to paper, I will again have a way to work through my ideas and understand them further… to gain an outlet and a new aspect of my creative process. I have always loved to write and I think it’s timed to start cultivating that.

By publishing these entries I intend to give my work a voice, one that can be related to, that feels genuine. A voice that will help readers understand my thoughts, ideas and the purpose behind my art.