Artist Statement

The passion behind my creative expression is driven by my desire to connect with my life source and spirituality. The purpose of my work is to inspire individuals to look deeper at their human experience, and recognize that all existence is interconnected. 

Through the expression of my ideas and philosophies about creativity, spirituality, and the human experience I hope to inspire others to connect more deeply to their inner most selves through creative flow and time spent connecting to nature. To take deeper notice of how the morning light dances, the way the sun feels when it kisses our skin, the intricate beauty of the wind mingling with the leaves on trees; to appreciate the beautiful, endless possibilities of joy, love and connection this life offers.

It is my goal to make space for individuals to connect to themselves and feel a part of something bigger. Through whichever form of creative expression that carries my message I strive to aid others in developing their own personal philosophies and remind them that we are innately connected, to one another and nature. That we are all simply pieces of a greater whole.